Soulution 725 vklj. Phono / Series 7

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Znamka Soulution (vas zanima več o znamki Soulution)
Starost 4 leta
Frekvenčni odziv:
DC...1 MHz
komplet, z originalno embalažo
30 kg
Distortions (THD+N) @ 1kHz:
<0.0006 %
Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) @ 1kHz:
130 dB
Corsstalk @ 1kHz:
105 dB
Impedance - balanced:
2 kΩ
Impedance - unbalanced:

Due to the new power supply technology the 725 preamplifier has an even more breathtaking three-dimensional sound quality than its predecessor the 720 already did. Unsurpassed wealth of detail. Incredible punch at low frequencies. Distortions and noise could be reduced even further. The preamplifier is the command centre of your high fidelity chain. In tests its sound quality has proved to be second to none.

New power supply technology

The 725's totally redesigned power supply unit works even more precise and regulates more precise and faster than the power supply of the 720. With more than 500'000 µFarad of storage capacitance it provides almost unlimited impulse current for the analog circuits.

reddot Design award

In 2006 the timeless design of the soulution Series7 products has been rewarded with the famous and coveted reddot design award. The international jury was especially impressed by its plain and unobtrusive design that does not show any visible cooling fins or screw connectors... PDF


Phono MC preamp (optional)

Designing and building the ideal phono stage is an exacting challenge. It must provide up to 80dB gain - equivalent to raising the signal level by 10,000 - yet must exhibit level and phase true behaviour while adhering strictly to RIAA-IEC equalisation standards. In the 725 this goal is realised with an ultra wideband (1MHz/-3dB) multi-stage amplifier built around the very highest quality components.

Voltage gain +54...+60 dB
Amplification bandwith (internal) DC...1 MHz
Rise time 400 ns
Distortions (THD+N) @ 1kHz <0.0006 %
Impedance 10 – 1’000 Ω


725 Preamplifier

720/721 Preamplifier

Specification: specifications for Soulution 725

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