Systems and Magic Black Noise Extreme V2

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Znamka Systems and Magic (vas zanima več o znamki Systems and Magic)
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Extreme. As the name says, the best filtering effect, the maximum protection and the uttermost possibile effectivness. With a mains harmonics reduction of -3db starting from 1800Hz up to an exceptional -170db from 1MHz upwards, the Extreme expresses the highest results inside the BlackNoise range.

The Extreme is designed to give the best of itself in conjunction with electronics that manage low-level signals as CDP, DVD, SACD, phono-preamps, step-ups and in general when it is extremely important to preserve the original quality of the source signal to the highest degree. For this very reason: it gets the best advantage being employed together with any of the other BlackNoises: 500, 1000, 2500, MiniBlack, ... .

Two or more filters applied in the same audio setup not only have an optimal synergic effect in respect to the overall sound quality, but also reach the extremely important goal to completely isolate, from the mains network point of view, low-level signal units from high-level ones (i.e. power amps).

These ones have much higher power demands than sources and are prone to be very noisy from an electrical point of view: they inject notable disturbances concentrated over lower frequency bands. Digital gears, on the other hand, are prone to radiate the most of their disturbances over much higher frequencies.

Separating power stages (at the mains level) from sources and isolating preamps from the rest of the setup, lets each single electronic device work at the top of its potentials avoiding any reciprocal interaction: this is an indispensable condition to get the best possible quality of the gear at our disposal.

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Romulus  (30 Apr. 14 / 22:00)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Perfection exists. As we all know it is not easy to buy expensive second hand material from a distant country. Anze can be reached by mail and phone. Reaction speed is great. Product was even better than described and very well packed. Shipment lightening fast. He knows what he is selling and does not push the sale, if you know what i mean. Highly recommended as a seller. Buy with extreme confidence

singlebrazil  (07 Jan. 14 / 02:26)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Excellent Seller. Great price and great communication. Pain-free transaction and unit was packaged perfectly. I would heartily recommend doing business with this seller. Fantastic Audiomarkt experience!