Systems and Magic Black Noise 1000 V2

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Znamka Systems and Magic (vas zanima več o znamki Systems and Magic)
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The 1000 is very much alike the 500 regarding performance, with the advantage of providing about 1000 W of maximum absorption. Its use is slightly more specialized, being best suited for power amps or integrated amps rather than with sources or preamps. Another very good field of application for the 1000 (alike its bigger sibling, the 2500) is with electrostatic speakers or OTL amps.

-3db -6db 10Khz 20Khz 100Khz 1Mhz 100Mhz+
3.2Khz 3.5Khz -38db -55db -100db -160db -100db

As for the 500, the 2500 or the MiniBlack, the 1000 may be used as the only filter in a audio/video setup, eventually connecting to one of its outputs an energy distributor (see Four, Six, Eight - Derive!), but keep always in mind that the best results (more so if your setup needs so many Watts) are obtainable with multiple different filters specialized for each audio component.

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Romulus  (30 Apr. 14 / 22:00)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Perfection exists. As we all know it is not easy to buy expensive second hand material from a distant country. Anze can be reached by mail and phone. Reaction speed is great. Product was even better than described and very well packed. Shipment lightening fast. He knows what he is selling and does not push the sale, if you know what i mean. Highly recommended as a seller. Buy with extreme confidence

singlebrazil  (07 Jan. 14 / 02:26)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Excellent Seller. Great price and great communication. Pain-free transaction and unit was packaged perfectly. I would heartily recommend doing business with this seller. Fantastic Audiomarkt experience!