Nordost Odin / 1,5m

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Znamka Nordost
Starost 4 years
Finiš silver
brez originalne embalaže

We are selling Nordost ODIN 1,5m speaker cables. They are still original on one end (you can see wood attached on one side), but they are cut on the other end (no wood on this end of the cable). Since from one pair of long cables, there were 2 pairs made with this process, this pair is being sold without the original wooden box that the manufacturer provided. Because this pair was cut, the price is also cut, but the quality remains the same, so if you are looking for best Nordost speaker cable, look no further.


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makridisavel  (08 Jul. 15 / 21:16)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Precise description. Products works 100% & looks 100%. Seller kind, very helpful, answers quickly, and very flexible.

gsgsgs  (15 Nov. 14 / 13:56)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

I wanted to say thank you a lot about this transaction and if i could rate audiomarkt users I would give you the price for number one!!!!!
I cannot imagine to do it better! Always again!