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Product Type Monitor speakers
Age 6 months
Finish piano black / olive
Full price of new product 22,000 €
complete, with original packaging

Price is for a pair of speakers with dedicated stands.


WhatHiFi described the Diapason Astera as "A fluid, refined and engaging sound","Lovely build quality to both speaker cabinets and stands".
What HiFi

What HiFi

WhatHiFi described the Diapason Karis as "Great-sounding luxury speakers that take up a minimal amount of space"
"If you want an immaculately built, luxuriously finished pair of quality ultra-compact speakers, these are an excellent choice" "When it comes to bass, there's quality and there's quantity. The Karis deliver a truckload of the former, and more of the latter than the specs suggest."
What HiFi

What HiFi

“Perfect sound and blessed with an excellent user interface. The Weiss MAN301 sets the standard.”
HiFi Einsnull Logo

HiFi Einsnull

All things considered, the Weiss DAC202 is the best-sounding DAC I’ve had in my system. (…) I’ve never heard better sound through my audio system than when listening to hi-rez recordings through the DAC202.

"I listened to the DAC202 last week and immediately ordered one. It is the best DAC I have ever heard. Period.".

“No doubt, this is a reference-level component.”
SoundStage logo


"What I’ve felt this week-end is beyond words. Again this evening I’ve been transfixed by the music during hours … ‘Beast’ was not the appropriate adjective for the MEDUS: it puts out the most refined sound one could possibly imagine. I congratulate you … you are doing a beautiful profession indeed …."

The magazin HiFi+ has described The Beast as: "I have heard numerous pieces of digital equipment that can do the broad brushstrokes well, but miss out on the subtleties of the musical line, and fail to engage me. The Beast has superb micro control of the phrasing and dynamics, while presenting the orchestra in a gently persuasive way, which in this concerto is highly seductive."
hifi+ logo


Herb Reichert, Stereophile: "I listened to the Elac Debut B6es for days and weeks. I listened to my favorite instruments: pianos, pipe organs, and le piano à bretelles. The bass quality was surprising. The tonal character seemed right on. I listened to a lot of blues and zydeco. The B6es could boogie and strut. I played records I hadn't played in years, and really dug them all."
Herb Reichert, Stereophile: "Highly recommended to all my friends."
stereophile logo


Ty Pendlebury, Steve Guttenberg, CNET: "Bass definition on kick drums on our Talking Heads albums was truly extraordinary. The bass drum sound was controlled and detailed. Moving up from there, midrange tonality was superb, voices sounded like voices."
Ty Pendlebury, Steve Guttenberg, CNET: "The ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 is one of the best speakers we've seen in the last few years, but like any performer worth paying for, it has its quirks. If you exercise some care on pairing the Uni-Fi UB5 with a decent receiver or amplifier, you will be rewarded with true hi-fi performance. This speaker offers compact size and extraordinary sound quality for an affordable price."
Cnet logo


KL, Amazon: "Amazing speakers","The sound from these speakers is truly amazing - the high reviews for the ELAC Debut series are well justified. I'm eagerly awaiting the ELAC S10 subwoofer to accompany these and I can hardly wait..."

amazon logo


Mary, Amazon: "Impeccably engineered, great value, superb sound", "The first song I played was Allan Taylor’s Color to the Moon from B&W’s 2004 Very Audiophile Recording. The tuning fork introduction was clear, precise, and clean. The opening acoustic guitar licks sounded natural, open, and airy. As the bass came online, I had to check to make sure the subwoofer was not playing. Allen’s voice was enveloping with a spacious sense of depth. The speakers melted away and it was only the music. Stunning."

amazon logo


Ty Pendlebury, Steve Guttenberg, CNET: "The Elac Uni-Fi UF5 sounds twice as good as speakers that cost twice as much. It's crazy value for money."
Cnet logo


hifi news: "Verdict: Nagaokas were always better than ‘merely competent’, and this latest model throws the hat into the current analogue-revival ring with panache. It will certainly appeal to listeners with preamps lacking gain for MCs, and will surely mate beautifully with vintage units of the Radford SC22/McIntosh C22 variety. It also bears a sane price tag."
hifi news logo

HiFi news

"It's not surprising that such a dejected-looking sinewave could suck the joy out of music. I knew it was possible that fixing my power would make my music cleaner and more accurate. What I didn't anticipate was that it would make the music so much more engaging. Maybe more accurate is more engaging—an appealing thought. Anyway, the PerfectWave P10 Power Plant may be an essential accessory for any audiophile who lives in a neighborhood like mine. A power conditioner—sorry, regenerator—may not be a sexy purchase, but I'm going to have a hard time sending this thing back."
stereophile logo


"The message of PS Audio’s cheapest mains regenerator is simple: if you take mains quality for granted, you’re missing out on a means of enhancing system sound quality."
hi fi news official outstanding small prod

HiFi news

".., but there aren’t many better amplifiers, better beyond this one, especially when you consider both the sound and the visual appeal"

"The McIntosh is undeniably a feast for the eyes and technically outstanding: simply a cult object, with the right speakers it makes an almost unbeatable statement."
STEREO Logo GELB weiss


Hi-Fi World: "Best Amplifier" 2014"
Hi-Fi World: "It's just the right piece of equipment to have you dipping into your musical collection for hours on end whether it be on vinyl, CD or in digital download form... It has massive reserves of power making it capable of driving almost any loudspeaker on the planet yet a detail and subtlety to its presentation that is truly beguiling."
Hifi world logo

HiFi world

The Speaker Shack: "The MA8000 Integrated Amplifier is an incredible achievement in engineering, as it is one of the most musically involving amplifiers I have had the pleasure of listening to."

The Ear: "Auralic’s Lightning control App is one of the nicest in the business but the option exists to use the Altair as a Roon endpoint, which gives even better insight into your music collection and integrates seamlessly with the Tidal streaming service.", "The Aries is a pretty relaxed and fluent sounding device almost regardless of how it’s used", "Setting up the Altair is straightforward", "There is plenty of detail and focus but the emphasis is where it counts, on the music."
the ear best buy

The Ear

HiFi Choice:
"Altair is described by the company as a wireless streaming DAC and believe it or not, this is only scratching the surface of what this smart unit is capable of",
"At first glance, the rather scattergun nature of the Auralic’s specification can look a little like a product that has been designed by a committee, but the more time you spend with it the more sense it makes. Being able to run a drive on a closed network that can send material via USB and then being able to switch over to the network functionality to access streaming services is something that appeals to me very much. What’s more this is a seriously capable product that delivers excellent performance across its impressively comprehensive selection of inputs. It might not be a DAC in the standard sense of the product category, but the Altair is something that needs to be on your shortlist of digital sources anywhere near this price",
"Excellent performance across an impressively wide feature set"
HiFi Choice Recommend.

HiFi Choice

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rolandein  (12 Mar. 16 / 20:10)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Absolute serious seller. Excellent communication. Item picked up in Slovenia. Player was in perfect condition as described.
Highly recommended!

graaf4ever  (25 Jan. 16 / 09:11)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

I bought a second hand preamp in mint condition + some demo filters and cables : all received well packed and in excellent state, very serious seller, safe transaction. Thank you Audio Serum! A+++