Soulution 711

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Product Type Stereo amplifier
Brand Soulution (vas zanima več o znamki Soulution)
Frequency Response:
DC - 1 MHz
65 kg

Higher precision, even more stability and velocity...

... than already has been achieved with the soulution 710 stereoamplifier, seems to be im­possible. Still, the new soulution 711 significantly out­per­forms its prede­cessor in all disciplines! The new "switched mode" power supply technology brings the soulution 711 to new level of per­formance. Improve­ments on the test bench get confirmed by the performance in the listening room. Words alone cannot convey the per­for­mance and sheer acoustic presence of the soulution 711 stereo­amplifier. We’ve combined the ultimate technical specification and highest possible performance with just one aim - to liberate the best the music has to offer.

Listen like never before. Marvel. Enjoy. Without limits

Key Features:

- Audio grade "Switched Mode" power supply (4 x 600VA )
- More than 1'000'000 microFarad storage capacity in the power supply unit 
- Peak current rating of more than 120 Ampere
- Impulse power rating > 6'000 Watt

reddot Design award

In 2006 the timeless design of the soulution Series7 products has been rewarded with the famous and coveted reddot design award. The international jury was especially impressed by its plain and unobtrusive design that does not show any visible cooling fins or screw connectors... PDF





Specification: specifications for Soulution 725

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rolandein  (12 Mar. 16 / 20:10)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Absolute serious seller. Excellent communication. Item picked up in Slovenia. Player was in perfect condition as described.
Highly recommended!

graaf4ever  (25 Jan. 16 / 09:11)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

I bought a second hand preamp in mint condition + some demo filters and cables : all received well packed and in excellent state, very serious seller, safe transaction. Thank you Audio Serum! A+++