Sonus Faber Amati Futura

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Product Type Floorstanding loudspeakers
Brand Sonus Faber
Age 2011
Finish Red
Full price of new product 26,000 €
with original packaging
111kg (145kg shipping)

Absolutly stunning loudspeakers.

The form factor has remained unchanged since 1999: a slim, tall, three-way tower speaker with immaculately finished and veneered side panels of wood, horizontal strips of black ebony inset under the lacquer, a leather-covered front baffle, and a lute-profiled enclosure constructed from horizontal layers of maple of varying thicknesses joined with a polymer glue that provides internal damping and reinforced with internal ribs, the package completed with Sonus Faber's traditional vertical-string grille. However, the top and bottom of the speaker now comprise silver-colored metal plates machined from a proprietary alloy (primarily aluminum and copper) called Avional, plated with nickel, finished to mirror smoothness, and engraved with the company's name. The narrow rear of the speaker now ends in vertical fins of the same nickel-plated metal. And the price has inevitably risen, to 24,000 €/pair.

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